Bespoke fitted bedroom furniture

Handmade and fitted at your home.

Fitted Bedroom Furniture

We pride ourselves on having the ability to design and create unique and bespoke fitted bedroom furniture that gets the most out of the space in the room and perfectly suits you, your tastes and your lifestyle. To achieve this we have moved away from using standard sized furniture and doors, instead we use materials to personally build you your dream bedroom with every fixture and fitting of your heart’s desire. All of the furniture we create are designed and built by experienced professionals who are highly trained in their job and enthusiastic about what they do, ensuring your furniture is fitted to the highest standard.

As our interiors are truly bespoke they enable you to utilise all the storage space in your room and wardrobes. There are many storage options to choose from including concealed interior chests with the option of soft close drawers, shelving or a mixture of both. To compliment these storage options, there are also shoe and tie racks available, along with full length interior mirrors placed on the inside of the wardrobe doors.

We are also able to offer a double hanging rail which is perfect for anyone with a lot of clothes they want to hang. The double rail allows you to space your clothes out more instead of having them bunched up, squashed onto a single rai, which reduces the amount they crease and allow you to look through your clothes easier. For those wanting single rails to hang things like coats, dresses and suits, we have created a design incorporating single rails, as well as double rails. This not only allows you to effectively store double the clothes in the same space, but it also gives you the option of sorting your clothes so that your shirts and blouses are hung separately to your trousers and skirts.

Fitted Bedroom Furniture

How many times is there something that you need in the corner of a wardrobe? A solution is now here with the ‘corner robe’. A wardrobe fitted into the corner with curved hanging rail and a 45 degree door which can be plain, mirrored or designed with a feature. A truly new concept and stunning design feature.

Fitted Bedroom Furniture

Our innovative and exciting features don’t stop there. For the technology fiends, we provide can design a feature that will house your television and accessories and safely stores away all of the leads and wires. In addition, we also provide a built-in laundry storage compartment which is stylishly hidden away but is easy to access via drop-down fronts or lift-up lids, built in the same design of your chosen wardrobe doors. We aren’t shy of trying new things and we encourage our customers to come to us with storage problems they have which they would like us to fix.

We have over 50 colours to choose from, including the new stylish high gloss finishes.  We also have a wide range of door designs and handles to choose from with the option of mirror and/or feature doors on each of them.

Great service, can’t say enough about the service Dave provided. The bedroom is amazing.


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